Believers of all the religions of the world, with the exception of Judeo/Christian believers understand and call on the name of their deity, to distinguish their god from other gods.

Do you know the name of the one true ELOHIM (God) ? It is not ‘”Adonai” or “Ha Shem,” used by the Jewish people. titles used as replacements for the holy name for the purpose of not uttering the name. It is not “God” or “LORD, used by Christians ” which are only titles that can denote any deity or person.

YAHWEH wants his people to call on His name and to know His name.

His name is YAHWEH and he declared his name in the days of Moses.
His name appears 6,823 times in your bible
Do you think that He wants us to know His name?

There are several pronunciations for the name of God (ELOHIM). We use YAHWEHWe which is the most well known pronunciation, Yahweh. Other believers and scullers  say Yahveh or Yehovah. Which ever of these you choose, they all identify the one true Elohim. The ELOHIM of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

Below is a video by Norman Willis where he examines the many pronunciations of the Name YHWH

Below is a video created by Messianic teacher Michael Rood. It is an excellent presentation of the absolute importance of using YAHWEH. The true and holy name of God (ELOHIM).He also speaks about true worship of YAHWEH and the lies we have inherited from our fore fathers.

ELOHIM also said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, YAHWEH, the ELOHIM of your fathers—the ELOHIMof Abraham, the ELOHIM of Isaac and the ELOHIM of Jacob—has sent me to you.’ “This is my name forever, the name you shall call me from generation to generation.”
Exodus 3:15

Everyone who calls on the name YAHWEH shall be saved
Romans 10:13

Jerusalem Rivers, through music and word is dedicated to helping believers understand the importance of the name YAHWEH. As his name becomes proclaimed throughout the world, YAHWEH will know His people when He returns.